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I live with my dog Gertie in the downland village of Jevington in East Sussex, where I have my studio, and run art classes.


I have always been fascinated by the effect we have on the landscape – the roads, footpaths, hedgerows, marks and textures that evolve with years of farming, and the relationship between the old buildings and the countryside. In my work as a printmaker, I loved the way colour builds in layers, and I have developed a way of painting that incorporates printmaking techniques such as stencilling and applying paint with rollers, and the use of collage and mixed media that enables me to develop the rich surface I find so exciting. I work in acrylic and mixed media (collage, water-soluble crayons, inks, etc.) on paper and the finished work is mounted and glazed.


I taught for many years in the adult education department of Sussex Downs College, and now enjoy running drawing and painting workshops in the studio barn for small groups of students.

Two sheep 50.jpg
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